Let Me Fly & Sing Away The Sadness

Let Me Fly & Sing Away The Sadness


All of my albums have been “solo” albums in the true sense of the word. I want listeners to my albums to hear the songs as intimate, immediate and direct communication from me to them. Resisting the trend towards “guru” producers and loads of session musicians, I may have been mad, but I took i it upon myself not only to write but also to fully arrange, perform and record all the instrumentation, vocals, drums, harmonies for Let Me Fly. What that did mean is that the completion of Let Me Fly required all of my time over quite a long period. It made for some very long but wonderfully creative days in the studio over nearly a year but to me it was worth it and I hope listeners to the album think so too.

Sing Away The Sadness is my first album and its title very much reflects my philosophy on life. If things aren’t going so well, if times are troubled then my approach is always to sing or write my way through it, let the music lift me, let it do its thing. This album contains some of my most requested songs such as Back To The Tribe, Stand Up And Be Counted, the playful No One Else, love song The Faintest Touch and of course my setting of WB Yeats wonderful poem He Wishes For The Cloths Of Heaven. I always know I will be happy as long as I can write, play and sing my songs.

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