Turas Cumadóir & Let Me Fly

Turas Cumadóir & Let Me Fly


As the title implies Turas Cumadóir (Songwriter’s Journey) is my third solo album and reflects my ongoing journey as a writer, musician and singer. As an independent songwriter without a big record company or rich patron behind me, I decided to try the crowd-funding route to raise the necessary money to make Turas Cumadóir. I have to admit I was worried that I would never be able to do it but I was overwhelmed by the generous response from fans and followers which meant I had met the target well before the end date of the fundraising campaign. Inspired by their support, I tried to make an album that was worthy of the faith they have shown in me and my music and I think Turas Cumadóir achieves that.

All of my albums have been “solo” albums in the true sense of the word. I want listeners to my albums to hear the songs as intimate, immediate and direct communication from me to them. Resisting the trend towards “guru” producers and loads of session musicians, I may have been mad, but I took i it upon myself not only to write but also to fully arrange, perform and record all the instrumentation, vocals, drums, harmonies for Let Me Fly. What that did mean is that the completion of Let Me Fly required all of my time over quite a long period. It made for some very long but wonderfully creative days in the studio over nearly a year but to me it was worth it and I hope listeners to the album think so too.

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