Havin’ The Craic

Virtual Sessions.

Because of the COVID restrictions and various lockdowns the normal Havin’ The Craic Sessions could not take place. Instead, not to be outdone, we held very successful Havin’ The Craic Virtual Sessions between April 2020 and June 2021.



1 July 2020

Click on the links below to watch and listen to all the songs and tunes which made up our Havin’ The Craic Virtual Sessions on 1 July 2020. Each link will open YouTube in a new browser window.

Paula Ryan – All I Wanna Do Is Hear Your Voice

Ian Simpson – Who Walked Through The Cabin Door

Ali Bullivent – Wasting My Days

Damian Fynes – John O Dreams

Una Bellingham – Sail Away To Sea

Mike Burton & Judith Haswell – Traditional Tune from Sunnmore, Norway

Sharon Garner – Harvest Moon

Richard Foster – From Clare To Here

Toni Bunnell – Space To Breathe

Eddie Affleck – Blackbird

Tim Pheby – Roland’s Ride

Reen Onion – Bethany’s Waltz

Louis Gibb – “Ca” The Yowes

John Storey – If You’d Been At Woodstock

Tish Hall-Wilkinson – I’m Gonna Do It All Someday

Chris Eusden – Tupelo Honey

Liz Holt – Mother Knows Best

John Low – Bulayo

Joolz Cavell, Iain Glover & Judith Haswell – Little Bird

Peter Quinn – The Laughing Boy

Reen Onion, Judith Haswell & Paula Ryan – Cold Haily Windy Night

Peter Lister – The Bridge Is Being Burned

Jean Moss – January In Yorkshire

Dan Foster – The Musical Priest & Dog Big and Dog Little (written by Charlie Lennon)  & The Roscommon Reel

Peter Atkinson – Dreamer

Merlin’s Isle – Song Of The Wandering Aengus

Stan Graham – Just Keep Rolling Along

Judith Haswell, Reen Onion & Paula Ryan – Star Of The County Down

White Sail – Quiet Joys Of Brotherhood

Paula Ryan & Friends – Havin The Craic (Rira Gleo Agus Craic!)!

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